Politics and Religion

    A couple of real HOT topics this page contains.  Either you love these subjects or you hate them.  There is almost no middle ground.  If you love these two subjects and meet someone else who does, you can talk for hours.  If you hate these subjects and end up in a conversation with someone else who hates them, you say your peace and the conversation is over in two minutes.  What you can't do is MIX the two types.  The other fatal mixture is someone who thinks they know politics and really don't or get all their information from network news and have never bothered to take the time to check the facts.  Let that person get into with someone who digs.  You will have an Explosion!!

    Well this page will have links to editorials by myself and some guests.  (If you want to be a guest - just let me know.)  This page will be rooted in the first amendment (contrary to some of the pop culture news you see today.)  As a reader you don't have to agree with a single thing written in these pages.  However if you stop and think about what you read you might learn something.  Stop being a robot to the pop culture news and try something new.

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