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Liberal Looney Toon Kook and His Website

            I ran across the funniest site the other day, while trying to find out what happened to Rudy Bahktiar, who used to be on CNN Headline news overnight.  A google search revealed a website where this guy David Dvorkin decided to rag on Rudy in an essay. 

            Now I will say this about the guy, he does claim to be a “Liberal Democrat” but his post actually just revealed what the Liberals in this country really are all about.  Remember these people are supposed to be the compassionate people of our country.  So what does this guy do?  He starts to rag on a CNN (Clinton News Network) anchor and call her names.  He actually calls her an “airhead.”  Maybe she is but that is for the rest of us to decide, not a “Liberal Democrat” to decide and certainly he should rag on an anchor from his “home page network.” (He won’t get that but some of you  will.)

            I looked through this guys site a little bit and found that he actually had the audacity to try to compare him self to Bush.  Hell I wouldn’t even considered it intelligent for him to compare himself to Porky Pig, much less any President.  He did it anyway revealing his sick sense of humor and his overall Marxist world view.

            As much as I don’t want to here is a link to his site, if I don’t let you see this then you won’t understand how deep in space this guys views live.  So her it is: http://www.dvorkin.com/essays/index.htm  This is actually to his essay page, you can navigate to his home page if you like.

            It’s amazing how misguided and how far out the extreme left really get sometimes.  They are far worse than the extreme right.  It used to be that the religious people tried to cram it down your throat but not anymore, they spend most of their time trying to defend their right to worship as they wish while at the same time trying to keep the extreme left from cramming their “religious” views down our throats now.  I appreciate the right for that battle; even if they may have some misguided views at least they aren’t warped.

            This guy as well as the far left believe some of the biggest lies ever forced on us by a media that promotes their views on us instead of defending us from the government.  The media clearly defends one side of the political spectrum and attacks the other when they are supposed to be protecting us from both sides.  They fail miserably and this guy has bought the democratic media’s mantra hook line and sinker.

            Some of the things this guy believes are as follows; (I have also included the truth about what he believes)

If he ever reads this I wonder if he will be able to take it.  I doubt it!  He’ll post some lame essay directly attacking me most likely.  Notice how I only talked about his ideas.  I never talked about him or attacked him.  He sure knows how to attack people as good liberals do.  Do you really think liberalism is compassionate? If he is an example of a good liberal I would hate to meet a bad example.